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I want to thank Russell Enyart for the excellent job he did in selling my rental property.

I heard about him from one of my friends to be a caring and reliable person and to be very diligent in real estate matters. Russell advised me what the market value of the property was and what I needed to do to the property to get maximum sales price. He provided me with a list of people to do the work he suggested be done for the sale. Then he helped stage the property for sale. Within a month we had an offer on the property and went through the buyer’s inspection process and opened escrow with the Title Company. Just when the property was to close escrow the husband and wife buyers had a fight and filed for divorce. The sale was canceled by the buyers. That’s when Russell jumped in and was able to get the buyers deposit for us as a compensation for the sale expenses we had paid during the process. Russell put the property back on the market and within a week we had another buyer at a price more than we were asking. Russell held our hands all during the sales process and took care of all the sales documents and negotiations with the buyer’s realtor and the Title Company. I can recommend Russell to be your realtor without any reservations!

Ron G, Seller

We couldn’t be more happier with Russell’s expertise!

Selling your home is a difficult process (first time) and I was looking for someone that would not only guide us thru the process but provide us with professional advice. Luckily, I’ve known Russ for many years and one of our mutual friends mentioned he was in real estate! I had to sell my house in 45 days and Russell was up for the challenge. He quickly staged our home and took great photo’s. He/Team took the initiative to set up open houses and show-cased our home on multiple social media sites (live streaming too). All this happened during the slowest time of year for real-estate (Nov/Dec). Long story short, we were in contract in early January and met the deadline to move into our new home. What’s most impressive about my experience is that the folks who bought my home (their agent) talked very highly of Russell! She mentioned Russell was available 24/7 and was easy to get a hold of. She mentioned he was punctual and very professional. I recommend Russell to all of my immediate family and friends! We had a great experience! Thanks for selling our home Russ!

Tony H, Seller

I have purchased two houses and sold one with Russell and was very happy with the follow up and service through out the three different transactions.

It was a very professional and personable experience, I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell.

Chris V, Buyer and Seller

Russell was extremely responsive and helpful through the sell of our house.

We were very impressed with how quickly he was able to assess the market in our neighborhood and specificity of what we needed to do to our home to sell quickly. We did exactly what he suggested with staging and it was very minor things that made a big difference compared to the other houses for sale in the neighborhood. Russell helped us to sell our house in one day and over the asking price. He was the ultimate professional with us and the buyer, leaving everyone feeling really good about the transaction. While our case might not be the typical one, it sure wouldn’t have happened that easily without his expertise. I highly recommend him.

Renee N, Seller

Russell was thorough, patient, and insightful with regard to local market conditions.

His expertise in the real estate industry is truly amazing! He was able to help my wife and I find our first home. With a newborn on the way we had a lot on our hands. Russell was accommodating to help meet our needs through the entire process. Highly Recommend!

Sam C, Buyer

I want to thank Russell for his amazing support with my 2 real estate transactions.

First, Russell assisted us in purchasing an off-market home and walked us through all of the details. The Sellers of that home were not easy to deal with and Russell helped us the entire way through the purchase and he did it for zero commission. His level of knowledge on real estate and how the process works is second to none. Next, Russell assisted my wife and I with all aspects of preparing our home to sell for top dollar and he did extensive research on our local area. Russell kept us in the loop, answered all of our questions, helped us prepare and stage the home, and then worked diligently to sell our home. Most importantly, he helped us obtain more for our home than we needed! He always put us first and we never felt pressured to drop the price. The only issue we had during the entire transaction was not staging all parts of the home exactly as Russell had suggested. Not staging how Russell suggested probably cost us our first Buyer but thankfully Russell found us another Buyer after we quickly remedied the staging issue. I would highly recommend Russell to anyone looking to buy or sell!

Tony H., Buyer and Seller

I want to thank Russell Enyart for the phenomenal job he did for my family when it came time to sell my brothers home last year.

My brother was no longer able to keep up with the maintenance on his home so we needed to move him into a retirement community. We heard about Russell through some friends and decided to ask for his advice on what we should do. It didn’t take long to realize how knowledgeable and passionate he is. When we first met he had already done his homework and knew all the prices of homes that had recently sold in the community. He walked with us and made notes of everything we needed to get done to get the most value from the sale. Then he sat down with us, told us what we needed to do and helped us find the assistance we needed to get everything done. Once the work was done, he helped us stage the home and in less then a month, we were able to sell the house for even more then we were asking. It’s not often you find someone as kind and caring, especially in the Real Estate business, as Russell was throughout this process. We had so much to deal with as we moved my brother from his home into a retirement facility. Russell took care of us and made sure we had nothing to worry about except finding the right place for my brother. I can’t thank him enough for everything he did to make life easier for me and my entire family!!!

Russ G.

I want to preface this testimonial with the fact that I am not sure if Russell always works miracles, but I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell.

My husband and I had purchased a brand new home that was being built and we were notified that the home was ready for move in nearly 3 months ahead of schedule. The home builder was pressuring us to move in ahead of schedule and we had a lot going on in life at the time. We knew Russell through softball and we knew he had extensive real estate knowledge. First, Russell helped us deal with the builder and made us feel much more comfortable with timelines and exactly what our obligations were with regard to our purchase. Secondly, Russell did a market analysis of our area and he suggested a selling price that my husband and I were not too sure we could obtain. Russell was the expert so we left the sale of the home in his capable hands. We were pleased when we received and all cash offer for full price during the open house on the first weekend! Once we received the full price offer there was significant negotiations that took place around repairs and the demands of the all cash Buyer. Russell handled all of the negotiations and we obtained everything we needed and we were able to move into our new house way ahead of schedule! Thank you again to Russell for all of his help. If you are looking for a well qualified agent that puts you first then Russell is your guy!

Roberta N.

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