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Sacramento’s REO Agent

Serving the Sacramento

Tri-County Area, including Sacramento, Placer and

El Dorado Counties.

Just about anyone can learn to sell an REO property, but there’s GENIUS in creating a system that consistently sells them faster for MORE MONEY!

As a seasoned real estate professional, I understand that buying or selling a home is more than just a transaction: it’s a life-changing experience. That’s why I am dedicated to providing exceptional, personalized service for all of my clients. I take great pride in the relationships I build and always work relentlessly on the client’s behalf to help them achieve their real estate goals. My philosophy is simple: Clients come first. I pledge to be in constant communication with my clients, keeping them fully informed throughout the entire buying or selling process. I believe that if you’re not left with an amazing experience, I haven’t done my job. I don’t measure success through achievements or awards but through the satisfaction of my clients.

Top 5 Reasons to Partner with  Russell Enyart on Your REO Files

1. Accountability: Russell never out sources responsibilities to third parties. His first rate team of qualified REO  specialist provides you with “Best in Class” REO Servicing personally and professionally.

2. Efficiency: Russell recognizes the “Need for Speed” when processing an REO file. All tasks are completed on, and in most cases, BEFORE, the due date. You’ll have your Occupancy Check in Less than 24 Hours and Your Accurate BPO on Your Desk in Less than 48 Hours or He’ll pay for the Re-Key.

3. Accuracy: Russell has extensive experience in property disposition specifically in California. As a 30+ year resident and top-tiered agent, NO ONE understands the local market trends better than Russell. With Russell, you are GUARANTEED “Bulls Eye” BPO pricing and recommendation.

4. No Hassles: The synergy of Russell’s specialized team makes working with Russell easy for both you, and for cooperating brokers!

5. Proven Success: Russell’s track record of selling hundreds of properties every year for top dollar and at lightning speed is one that very few can match! Russell’s unrivaled performance will make you look like a superstar.


They Didn’t Think that Property Could be moved in 30 days…

You Should Have Seen Their Faces When I Brought Them a Solid Offer!

Selling REO houses requires a level of specialized knowledge and talent that most agents simply don’t possess. Many times in my career I have been called upon for second opinions and have been hired to “re-list” properties that other agents just couldn’t move, even after multiple extensions.. My unique marketing system not only provides you with unequaled service, but it also contains the secret marketing techniques that only I know, that sell REO homes faster and for more money in Sacramento. I’ve blended the perfect mix of ingredients that produces success as predictable as the morning sunrise.

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Give Me Just One File and I’ll Show You How You Can Immediately Boost Your Presitge in the REO Industry.


· Occupancy Check

· BPO (for both REO and 3rd Party Providers)

· MMRs

· CFK (Cash -for-keys)

· Eviction

· Re-Key

· Secure

· Trash-out

· Repairs and Rehab

· Landscape Maintenance Coordination

· Winterization and Seasonal Debris Removal

· Expert Contract Negotiation

· Closing Coordination

· Auction Coordination

· On-Going Communication

· Expert Showing Team

· Massive Customer Base

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Put Your REO Selling on Autopilot—

Assign Your Next REO File to Russell Enyart, Enyart Real Estate Team Sacramento Realtors! (So You Can Go Out and Play Some Golf!)

Content by Enyart Real Estate Group Sacramento Realtors

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