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6 Reasons Why You Should Not Join eXp Realty!

Today we re going to talk about the 6 reasons why you shouldn't join eXp Realty.

In a recent video, I shared why I made the decision to leave Keller Williams and join eXp. While it's been the right place for me, it may not be the right place for you to grow your business. So, today I want to share 6 reasons why you shouldn't join eXp.

You're welcome to watch the video below or scroll down to read the transcript to the video.

Watch The Video:

6. Don't join because your friend joined eXp:

If you have a friend or family member who is trying to get you to join eXp, that is not a good enough reason to join. You should become sufficiently informed before you join eXp or any brokerage. Do your own research. Make sure you'll get the correct support.

If your friend joined, they may not be getting the support they need or they may have joined a group that doesn't offer what you're looking for. Or, they could have made a really great decision, but you want to do your own research and find the right group for you and your business goals.

5. Don't join for stock or revenue share:

Don't just join eXp and think that stock and revenue share is going to roll into your bank or stock account. You do have to help a client complete a transaction on the buy or sell side to get your first allotment of stock. If you're signing up just thinking that you'll be getting stock before doing any work, that doesn't happen.

You also have to share eXp with another agent that decides to join and then they have to complete a transaction before you get any revenue share.

However, if you go out and sell or buy for a client, you will get free stock. If you find someone interested in trying eXp and they join and help a client buy or sell, you'll get a second set of free stock and you'll experience revenue share.

4. Don't join for magic leads:

While eXp does help with leads, there is work you have to do to start getting leads sent to your phone.

eXp uses a CRM called KV Core and you have to go in and set up a number of things to get leads to come to your phone. You can also join their marketplace and advertise to get even higher quality leads.

Also, on KV Core there is quite an extensive process to set up personal contacts and get everything working and organized. There's no magic to getting leads - it takes work. But, once you get it set up, you'll start to get leads sent to you that will help you grow your business.

3. Don't join if you don't want an office:

If you're trying to avoid the office completely, don't join eXp.

People think eXp is strictly cloud-based, but there are Regus offices all over the world. If you join them, you do end up with an office. So if you are looking to avoid the office completely, you won't accomplish that with eXp.

If you want an office only in one location, that also won't happen with eXp. Anywhere there is a Regus office, that can be your eXp office.

2. Don't join if you want high premiums for healthcare:

Most real estate agents don't have healthcare at all or have to find it through an independent health care representative. At eXp, there are a lot of programs that are custom fit for families, individuals or couples. They are super affordable and have amazing coverage. I've known people who have saved around $10,000 a year on their healthcare and had better coverage through eXp offered programs.

If you want to pay high premiums for bad healthcare, don't join. They have great healthcare at great prices.

1. Don't join if you have no idea who your senior partners are going to be:

No matter what brokerage you join, the folks there are going to be instrumental in your success. You can get up to 7 people on your senior partner team at eXP and it's one of the most important decisions you'll make for your business.

When choosing your senior partners, ask yourself:

  • Is there anyone that will help you grow your business the way you want to grow your business?

  • Has anyone sold 5, 6, 700 houses?

  • Has anyone built a mega team?

  • Has anyone ran an office with hundreds of people?

  • What are you looking to do with your real estate career - is there anyone in the senior partnership team that has done that and can help you get there?

  • Is there someone that knows how to do social media and can help you marekt more efficiently?

If you don't have the answer to these questions, then don't join eXp - at least not yet.


To sum up, if your friend joined for the right reasons and you've done your research too, and if you think you can earn outstanding amounts of stock and revenue share, plus you're okay with offices all over the world and excellent healthcare, you should consider

I've never seen as many happy and successful agents anywhere else. They all have a fantastic plan for how to retire and end up with a nice stock account in the process.

If you want to find out more about eXp, give me a call at 916.524.9733 and we can go in depth into all the wonderful reasons to join eXp.

Thanks for reading!

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