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7 Fun Things To Do in Granite Bay, California

things to do in granite bay, california

Granite Bay is one of the best kept secrets when it comes to great places to live that are still more affordable.

Granite Bay easily compared to other waterfront, high-end areas in California where homes are selling for a premium thanks to things like 300 days of sun a year, a thriving job market, and access to plenty of things to do.

So, as real estate experts in the Sacramento area, we love showing off Granite Bay whenever we're working with clients who haven't yet discovered it on their own. And, if you are from the area, you already know what a beautiful place it is.

So, whether you're a long-time resident, a new member of the community or you're just looking for more reasons to pack up and move to Granite Bay, this post is for you. We're going to share some of the best things to do here as locals who live and work here.

1. Visit The Lake:

things to do in granite bay, california

Enjoy the benefits of a gorgeous, waterfront community and visit the lake!

Whether you're a resident and your home has beautiful lake views or you're visiting and just a quick drive to the lake, you'll love spending weekends paddle boarding, lounging on the sand or renting a kayak for some family fun.

Hey, you can even bring your furry friend. They love the water, too.

If you're new to the area and want to explore, consider renting a boat or kayak and parking at Willow Creek. Find more places to go near the lake at

2. Play Some Golf:

things to do in granite bay, california

Love to golf? If you need that tee time in your life, you'll appreciate the local golf club, which includes an 18-hole golf course and driving range, complete with junior's programs, dining options and an athletic facility.

It's a very well-maintained course that is quieter than comparable courses, simply because it's nestled in this exclusive little community.

This golf course is not only a local favorite, but it's been voted the best in the Sacramento area!

3. Grab Some Food:

Everybody has to eat - you might as well enjoy it. Granite Bay has many highly rated restaurants offering a variety of cuisines. Here are just a few of the nearby restaurants you may want to visit:

4. Play at a Park:

things to do in granite bay, california

Take advantage of the weather and the incredible local park system and go play. Bring some soccer balls, pack a lunch, and plan to hang out for awhile. You're guaranteed to make some new friends and get some much needed Vitamin D.

Here are just a few of the favorite park in the area:

  • Granite Bay Community Park

  • Treelake Park

  • Ronald L. Feist Park

  • Douglas Ranch Park

  • Olympus Park

  • Hillsborough - This is a local favorite, the play area has a huge pirate ship!

5. Pick Some Strawberries:

things to do in granite bay, california

Looking for a fun, local activity? Go pick some strawberries at Granite Bay's own strawberry farm, Granny Mays.

Not only a fun spot for kids, but a great place to go on a date. They have more than strawberries, too, so be prepared to load on delicious, fresh treats and fruit.

Just make sure to buy tickets before you go and be on time. Due to Covid restrictions, they're limiting the number of people and the amount of time you can stay.

6. Take a Trip to Black Chasm Cavern:

things to do in granite bay, california

Take a short one-hour drive from Granite Bay to see this incredible destination. Black Chasm Cavern has natural crystal formations and large chambers that were found during the gold rush and then abandoned. Declared a National Natural Landmark in 1976, it's a spectacular piece of America's natural history.

Visit the gift shop before you go, too, to see more gemstones and enjoy some fun activities, too.

7. Explore Quarry Park:

things to do in granite bay, california

Just a short drive from Granite Bay is this fun adventure park where you can zip, soar, climb and explore (with a reservation, of course!).

If you are the active adventurer type or need to tire out some kiddos, this is the place to do it.

Check out their full list of activities, and prices, here on their website, so you can book your adventure before you go.


We hope you found something fun to do on this list. Make sure to follow us on Instagram to see our tips for real estate and things to do in the Sacramento area, including Granite Bay.

And, if you're looking for a realtor, we specialize in this area. Give us a call at 916.524.9733 or read our post on how to sell your home in Granite Bay.


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