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9 Top Things To Do in Sacramento

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

things to do in sacramento

Sacramento is a city with a rich history and a vibrant community full of places to go, food to eat, and things to do.

Plus, with great access to freeways, tons of local businesses and an excellent public school system, it's no surprise that Sacramento and the surrounding areas are high on the list for people looking to relocate!

That's why we wanted to share some of the top things to do next time you visit Sacramento. Or, if you're a local, it's easy to forget that we live right next to these incredible museums and historical landmarks.

So, if you're starting to get cabin fever from the new stay-at-home orders, we hope this post will give you a few things to put on your list of what to do as soon as the world starts to reopen.

After seeing how many people loved this post, we turned it into a video! Feel free to watch the video or scroll down to read all the details:

Midtown Sacramento has become a hip destination with world class food and art, so why not take a curated tour through the best of the best?

This 3-hour themed walking tour will guide you expertly through Sacramento's most charming and historical neighborhoods where you'll enjoy delicious food, memorable murals and much more.

Just make sure to show up hungry - because you are going to experience some of the best food Midtown has to offer.

Learn more about the Arts and Food Tour here.

2. Ride Over to the California State Railroad Museum:

things to do in sacramento

Another fantastic stop in Sacramento is the popular Railroad Museum. This is definitely a place to take the kids, too, especially if you have a few train lovers in the family.

The museum opened in 1976 and is Sacramento’s largest and most popular visitor destination. Enjoy over 225,000 sq. ft. of history, exhibits and restored locomotives every visitor will enjoy, including a Pullman-style sleeping car.

Don't forget to buy tickets to ride the operating train offered in partnership with The Sacramento Southern Railroad, too. Kids will love the open-air gondolas pulled by one of the museum's vintage diesel locomotives.

Railroad proceeds help fund Museum and Foundation projects and initiatives, which are particularly important now as they have had extensive closures in 2020.

Learn more about the Railroad Museum here.

3. Visit the The Sacramento Zoo:

things to do in sacramento

Any animal lovers in the family? Don't miss this zoo, with over 14 acres and nearly 500 animals, including over 120 species of carnivores, birds, reptiles, ungulates and primates.

A variety of animal habitats and exhibits will delight everyone in your group and giraffe encounters will let you get up close! Plus, a variety of rides and attractions will keep things exciting all the way through.

Make sure to wear comfortable shoes, though. 14 acres is a lot of ground to cover, even if you are wowed by getting up close and personal to an African lion.

Plan your trip to the Sacramento Zoo here.

3. Cruise Down the American River Bicycle Trail:

things to do in sacramento

Want to work on your fitness? Get to know the Sacramento area and get your cardio in with this popular bicycle trail that runs from Old Sacramento to Folsom!

With gorgeous views and plenty of places you'll want to stop, stare and snap some pics, you'll love this trail designed exclusively for non-motorized use.

If you don't want to do all 32 miles, make sure to check the map for a great place to park a car, although you won't want to miss Beal's Point in Folsom - it's worth the ride!

things to do in sacramento

If you're from California, you might remember those elementary school field trips to the State Capitol building. The building is both a museum and the state's actual working seat of government. Visitors can experience exhibits and collections representing the past, while also witnessing the making of history in action.

Tours are scheduled daily on the hour from 9 to 4 and if you'd like to experience the State Capitol from the comfort of your living room, consider one of their virtual tour experiences!

Be sure to plan your visit by taking a look at the extensive offerings on the website.

things to do in sacramento

Downtown Sacramento can be crowded - why not skip the crowds and hop aboard a cruise ship for the ultimate tour?

With indoor and outdoor seating areas, you'll be able to sit down, relax, and enjoy your captain's historical commentary about Sacramento history, such as the Gold Rush, Pony Express and much more.

During your one-hour cruise, you can look forward to going under Tower Bridge, seeing the Delta King steamboat, catching sight of McClellan Air Force Base and other Sacramento landmarks.

Or, book another Sacramento cruise, such as the Spooky River Cruise or Social Sunday Cruise.

6. Explore Old Sacramento:

things to do in sacramento

Prefer to keep your feet on the ground? Visit Old Sacramento and take your time exploring all of the shops, museums, and restaurants it has to offer, all while enjoying this historic waterfront area.

You can book a guided tour of the area, if you're a history buff and don't want to miss a thing. Or, just create your own tour and enjoy everything from the street performers to the horse-drawn carriages.

Learn more about Old Sacramento here.

7. Drive Over to the California Automobile Museum:

Ready to take a ride through history? The California Automobile Museum has over 130 cars that span 120 years of history!

This incredible collection goes back to brass era cars and exhibits are regularly rotated to include new cars you'll want to see.

For school or private tours, you can choose from a variety of transportation themed activities that will entertain and educate on the subject of transportation innovation throughout history.

Find out more about the California Automobile Museum here.

City scavenger hunts are all the rage and there are several to choose from to give you a fun way to explore the Sacramento area. One option is the Let’s Roam is the #1 app-led scavenger hunt company. You can use their app to walk all the best landmarks while answering trivia questions and solving challenges.

You can work as a team or work against other teams to create a race against time. Let’s Roam Scavenger Hunts make for fun activities, as well as great ideas for team building, birthday parties, and other memorable events.

With the California Capital tour, you will be going around Sacramento checking out the art, history, and culture along the way, with stops at City Hall, State Capitol, Convention Center Complex and a lot more.

The Crocker Art Museum opened back in 1885 and has undergone a major expansion since. The museum features the world's foremost display of California art and offers a diverse range of exhibitions, events and programs, including concerts, classes, children's activities and much more.

Go to their website to learn more about current exhibits, collections and activities as well as what is coming, so you can plan your visit.

Learn more about the Crocker Art Museum here.


We hope these 9 ideas get you inspired to explore the Sacramento area.

If you're looking to relocate, there are so many beautiful cities in this area that are great for families, such as El Dorado Hills, Folsom, Granite Bay, Rancho Cordova and a lot more. We love this area and consider ourselves the Sacramento real estate experts. Reach out if you're looking to relocate and want to know more.

If you have a favorite thing to do in Sacramento, add it in the comments below!

Thanks for reading.


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