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8 Home Decor Trends for 2022 That Will Refresh Your Home!

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

home decor trends 2022

Whether you're looking to sell in the near future or just want a home refresh for the coming year, we've got the top home decor trends for you!

Paying attention to trends is helpful for a number of reasons. First, if you are looking to make home improvements that will help your home sell faster and for over ask, then paying attention to trends will help you avoid home improvements that won't actually increase your selling power (like these ones).

Also, if you are flipping houses or investing in home staging, you'll want to keep your finger on the pulse of what is trending.

Or, maybe you don't want to make large scale renovations to improve your property value, but would be interested in some easier, more affordable home decor updates that can make your home more attractive to potential buyers - or just for yourself.

Let's check them out!

1. Shades of Green:

green kitchen
Image courtesy of Ashley Montgomery Design

Shades of green are the new "it" color. A dusty evergreen seems to be the most trending color, but greens of all shades are gaining momentum all over the design world.

Consider going green with something easy to switch out, like pillows, vases, blankets, maybe even an olive toned area rug.

Or, fully commit to the green movement with a gorgeous green wallpaper or a popular wall color like Pigeon from Farrow & Ball. Want even more green paint inspo? Look at these trending green paint colors.

We're even seeing green kitchen options gaining speed - from sage colored kitchens to deep emerald green islands.

2. Rounded Furniture:

home decor trends 2022

Do you remember when the trend for cars was a very boxy shape? Then, it seemed like overnight all of the car designers wanted smoother, rounder, almost spaceship inspired cars.

Well, furniture has taken note of this change and we are now seeing lots of rounded furniture on the horizon. Softer, rounder edges are trending and help create a more relaxed environment.

Since people are spending more time at home than ever before, many of the growing design trends seems to reflect this shift and the rounder furniture is part of this movement.

Let's take a look at a few more design trends that are inspired by this return to home:

3. Home Office Nooks:

home decor trends 2022

You probably bought that house without thinking that you my someday need to work out of it. Most home and apartment designs from years/decades ago did not account for the current need to have a quiet space to pop on to Zoom.

But, here we are, and home decor enthusiasts are making the most of this opportunity to create home office nooks in creative ways! From home DIYers turning unused formal dining areas into glam office spaces or homeowners finding unused nooks to create a defined workspace, the home office nook is big and it's here to stay.

Studies show that 16% of companies are fully remote and 7/10 of people are still working from home, so we can only expect the need for the home office to grow in 2022 and beyond.

If you're looking for tips on how to set up a work-from-home space in your home, check out our post with 9 tips for setting up a home office that will increase productivity.

New builds are showing a nod to this trend and we are seeing them incorporate home workspaces, but for existing architecture, don't be afraid to get creative. As an eXp Realty agent, one of the benefits is our cloud-based company design, which allows us to work from anywhere. Check out my post for more reasons you might love eXp if you're a realtor.

4. Neutral Colors:

home trends 2022

Another way staying home is impacting home decor trends is a major shift towards neutral, relaxing colors. Those bright and in-yo-face design choices felt great when you were home for only a few hours a day - but when you're staring at it all the time? Yeah, suddenly that teal carpet doesn't look so good.

People are looking for ways to make the home environment welcoming, tranquil and relaxing and one way to do that is with more tone-on-tone neutral color palettes.

Are you looking to make your home a relaxing sanctuary? Check out this post with 15 ways to create an oasis at home.

5. Greenery Indoors:

home trends 2022

Especially in urban areas where people were missing the ability to go out and be in nature, the indoor garden movement has become even more popular.

Bringing greenery indoors has always been a great way to freshen indoor air and add beautiful texture and life to spaces, but we are seeing this grow to a whole new level.

Indoor gardens are bursting with life and color, so if you have a green thumb, don't be shy. Now is the time to create clusters of plants around your home.

Keep this from overtaking your home by grouping plants by different sizes and using attractive plant stands to get them off the floor. Consider how much light the plants need as well as how often they need to be watered, too.

If you're just starting your home garden, consider plants that double as popular home decor, such as fiddle leaf fig trees, olive trees, lemon trees, orchids, monstera plants and more.

6. Black and White:

decor trends 2022

Not sure if the classic black and white combo ever went out of style, but regardless, it's back and bigger than ever. Home decor bloggers everywhere are creating chic spaces with a black and white palette and touches of gold or brass for pop.

While some people argue that these spaces look too staged and formal, you can easily soften them with cozy blankets, patterned pillows, soft area rugs and lots of greenery indoors.

With a timeless color palette like black and white, you're also able to swap out seasonal decor easily - because everything goes!

If you're looking for an easy way to freshen up your space and make it attractive to potential buyers, look for ways to incorporate black and white combos.

7. Warmer Kitchens:

kitchen trend 2022

Are you a fan of the all-white kitchen? For years the white on white kitchen trend has been huge - white cabinets, white counters, white subway tile backsplash - white, white, white!

Now, we are seeing kitchens getting warmer - but not the honey and brown cabinets most of us grew up with in our kitchens. These are kitchens are warmer thanks to:

  • Mixing materials and or cabinet colors to create more depth

  • Two-tone cabinet combinations, such as one color on uppers and one on lowers or a contrasting island

  • More interesting counter choices as people move away from all white and look for depth in veining, wood, and other added details

  • No distracting handles - allows for cabinet doors to become a more even canvas

  • Natural materials - such as rattan, eco-friendly wood, wood with texture and lighter woods like oak

  • Textured backsplash or extending the counter material up as the backsplash for a more cohesive look

  • Matte finishes all around on cabinets, hardware, appliances and more

  • Smart appliances

  • Appliances integrated into cabinetry - why look at them if you don't have to?

  • Open shelving

If you aren't ready or interested in a full kitchen reno, it's easy to make small updates to your space to infuse new life into it.

8. Lighter Floors:

Image courtesy of Gaylord Hardwood Flooring

We've been seeing lighter floors for awhile and they are still going to be big in coming years. Whitewashed oak floors, floors with patterns such as herringbone, and floor materials that are family proof are still on trend for 2022.

If you have darker floors, no need to panic, richer floors can add great warmth if there is contrast with the rest of your materials - such as brighter, neutral walls and lighter cabinetry.

If you want to lighten up your floors without replacing, you can always refinish - which saves materials and cost.


Are you a home decor enthusiast? What do you think of some of these design trends for 2022? Which ones do you like or not like?

Remember that considering your home value is important if you are going to sell, but also, you should love the home you live in. Not every choice you make has to improve the sale price, especially if you're not looking to move any time soon.

After all, if it makes you happy, nobody else has to understand it.

Thanks for reading!


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