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How To Make Money with EXP Realty and Retire Early (VIDEO)

I recently shared a video on our YouTube channel on how I make money with eXp realty. I'm going to share the main points with you here below as well, because I believe this is powerful information that every realtor should have. If you'd rather watch the video version, I'll link that below for you, too.

If you like this information, don't forget to download the free guide that is attached to my YouTube video here.

How To Make Money with EXP Realty:

There are multiple ways to make money at eXp, whereas at other companies you might have only one way to make money.

1. Less Fees:

First of all, you'll spend less money on fees. With eXp, you have no franchise fee, no desk fee and no royalty fees.

Now, to be transparent, there are some fees. Let's quickly go over what you can expect to pay as an agent with eXp:

1. Startup fee: $149

2. Tech fee each month: $85 - cloud-based company with cutting edge technology. With other companies you may have to go out and purchase your own CRM, but it is included here in this fee.

3. Broker review fee: $25

4. Risk management fee: $40, until you've paid $500

2. Commission and Caps:

Second, there is a very generous split on commissions. There is an 80/20 commission split with a $16,000 cap.

After that, earn 100% commission for the remainder of the anniversary year, minus a small file review fee.

3. Shareholder at EXP:

There's a number of ways to be a shareholder and earn stock. As soon as you complete your first transaction on the buy or sell side, you get free stock. You can also sign up to use 5% of each commission to buy stock at a 10% discount.

I talk more about how you are able to get eXp stock in this video, where I share how I tripled my income when I switched to eXp from Keller Williams.

4. Revenue Share Plan:

I know multiple people who are already earning 7 figures from the eXp revenue share plan. In the short time I've been with eXp, I'm earning more with revenue share than I ever expected and I'm excited to see this continue to grow.

To learn more about how this works, take a look at this chart that shares how your revenue sharing can compound over time:

exp revenue share plan

5. 50/10/10 Plan:

My goal is to help every person I bring in hit the 50/10/10 plan. This is the most exciting way to make more money and retire early.

The goal is to share this exciting opportunity with 15 people. Then, teach those people to share it with 10 more people each. This continues until you've grown an incredible team.

Look at how this can compound:

exp 50/10/10 plan

This is undoubtedly the most exciting thing that has ever happened in real estate.


There you go! 5 ways to make money with eXp. eXp is doing new things in the real estate industry that have never been done before.

I believe in this so strongly and would love to talk with you about how switching to eXp can help you make more money, grow your business and retire early. Give me a call if you want to be part of it.

Thanks for reading!


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