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Moving To Fair Oaks? 8 Reasons You'll Love Living Here!

Fair Oaks may not be the first name that comes up when you start looking to move to the Sacramento area, but don't let that fool you. Fair Oaks is a great place to live and offers some benefits that you won't find in other suburban areas here.

So, grab a cup of coffee and get ready to learn from locals why you should consider Fair Oaks for your next move!

Why Move To Fair Oaks?

When we hear people start to talk about relocating to the Sacramento area, we usually hear well-known areas like Midtown, Granite Bay, Folsom and Rocklin at the top of the lists. This makes sense - since all of those places have really established their identities and some even offer a historical background that really put them on the map.

But, tucked in between some of these other bigger areas is Fair Oaks, a sweet town with a more affordable price tag that doesn't skimp on the quality of life.

So, let's look at the 8 reasons why Fair Oaks might be the place for you!

1. Fair Oaks Has Gorgeous Weather:

That's right, Fair Oaks offers the same beautiful weather that Sacramento and Folsom are known for. You'll enjoy about 300 sunny days a year with a more moderate winter than you'll ever see in other parts of the country.

Plus, summers don't get quite as hot as surrounding areas like Rocklin and Roseville, giving you even more days to enjoy the many things to do in the area, such as walk the gorgeous Fair Oaks Bridge or bike the American River Bicycle Trail.

2. Fair Oaks Is Close To Everything:

If you move to Fair Oaks, you'll really appreciate how accessible it is. You are right in the middle of everything, without living in a downtown, pedestrian setting. You'll literally get the best of both worlds - a more relaxed suburban neighborhood life with easy access to freeways and any type of activity you could want.

You'll be less than 30 minutes from Sacramento, Folsom, Elk Grove, and many other places that will offer you tons of dining and activity options.

Plus, less than two hours away from Tahoe, wine country, Folsom Lake and much more.

This easy accessibility also makes Fair Oaks a great place to buy a rental property. We have had several clients who run successful AirBnB rentals in locations like Fair Oaks, because it's close to everything.

3. Fair Oaks Offers Lots of Local Flavor:

Tired of the same strip mall with the same chain restaurants? Welcome to Fair Oaks - where local places thrive.

From play-based preschools unlike anything you'll find anywhere else to one-of-a-kind coffee shops, Fair Oaks offers you that unique vibe without losing access to all of the places you know and trust.

And, if you need even more options, nearby Sacramento has a thriving downtown scene with incredible restaurants, concerts, sports and lots of things to do.

4. Fair Oaks is More Affordable:

We touched on this earlier, but we want to show you some recent market stats on Fair Oaks that might persuade you to see this as your next destination.

The comparison between Fair Oaks and nearby areas is also compelling - because of how much more affordable it is than other places in California that are usually considered first, like the Bay Area and coastal towns, where the median home price is well over a million.

For a lot more market reports like this, as well as buyer and seller tips and giveaways, follow us on Instagram!

5. Fair Oaks Has Great Coffee:

Image courtesy of Sacramento Press

Gotta get roasted? We don't blame you. We are pro-coffee here at Enyart Homes and always try to visit our local places whenever possible.

Fair Oaks has some of the coolest local coffee shops around and here are some of our favorites:

Badfish Coffee & Tea - Don't miss this stop. It's technically in Orangevale, but it's right next to Fair Oaks. It's a little hard to find, but once inside, you'll really feel like you can relax and take a break. Get their iced cold brew mocha and do not forget the avocado toast. Trust us. It's the best you'll ever have.

Pause - This local favorite is the perfect work spot for you to be productive but still get out of your house. Tons of co-working and hang out space, with a great layout that allows for a lot of people to be inside without it feeling cramped. Oh, and the coffee is amazing, too. You can even take a cold brew growler home and stay stocked on your iced coffee for the week. Sign up for their emails to get a free birthday coffee! Read more about what Sacramento Press had to say about them here.

Scooter's Coffee - This drive-through option has a great menu! If you're a fan of grabbing your joe to go, then check out Scooter's. Grab a breakfast burrito and a Blender and hit the road!

Olive Branch Fair Oaks - Another local favorite where you can grab delicious food and your caffeine fix. You'll love the cool olive theme and specialty drinks like the malted mocha, honey lavender oat latte, and coconut caramel latte.

6. Fair Oaks Has Great Schools:

A lot of families choose Fair Oaks as their home, because they offer a great public school system, with access to a lot of daycare, preschool and private school options.

With 19 preschools and 24 private school options, plus plenty of public schools, you'll have more school choices than you'd find in nearby towns that lack as many options.

Plus, because Fair Oaks has a more laid-back, slightly hippie vibe, you'll enjoy more Montessori, charter, and play-based options than other areas might offer.

7. Fair Oaks Offers Plenty of Jobs:

Not only are there quite a few businesses and job opportunities within Fair Oaks city limits, but the easy access to nearby areas means you can also find work within a short commute. Here are just a few of the many places where you may be able to find work:

  • Intel

  • Green Acres

  • Los Rios Community College

  • San Juan Unified School District

  • Folsom Kaiser

  • Sutter Health

  • Blue Cross

  • Fair Oaks Mall

8. Fair Oaks is Family Friendly:

Got kids? You'll love everything Fair Oaks has to offer, from art classes for kids to the extensive park system.

Here are just some of the options for what to do with your kids in and around Fair Oaks:

  • Wacky Tacky

  • Art Box

  • BusyKids Playtown

  • Shadow Glen Family Stables

  • Sacramento Children's Museum

  • Sacramento Zoo

  • Fairytale Land

  • SeaQuest Aquarium

  • Dance classes

  • Karate lessons

  • Sports

  • and more!

It's also important to share that one thing many people who move from other parts of California to the Sacramento area notice is a much more positive attitude towards families with kids.

Many restaurants offer special things for kids and stores don't turn up their noses when you show up with a truckload of little people. This makes life just less stressful in general, even if you're not hanging out at a place designed just for the littles.


What do you think? Have you considered Fair Oaks for your new home or the location of your next investment property?

As locals and real estate experts in the area, we would love to show you around and help you find the perfect place.

Give us a call at 916.524.9733 to start shopping for your next property in Fair Oaks today!


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