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75 Social Media Post Ideas for Realtors!

social media posts for realtors

So, maybe you're totally sold on the importance of having a social media presence for your real estate business. You know that social media offers you an unparalleled opportunity to brand your business, increase exposure, and, most importantly, connect with your target audience directly (and for free!).

But, knowing you need to be using social media for your business and actually getting on the platforms and posting every single day are two different things - especially if you are like many business owners who have no idea what they're supposed to be posting about.

We feel you! It can be awkward to talk to your phone and post random things and hoping followers and likes come in like a tsunami. That's why we want to help you by sharing a ton of social media post ideas to get you started! All of our example photos below are from our Instagram account. Feel free to follow us for even more ideas!

75 Real Estate Social Media Post Ideas:

Property Posts:

A good amount of your posts can be related to your listings and clients. Since you already hire photographers and videographers to take money shots of properties, you'll have tons of content at your disposal for many of your posts!

social media posts for realtors
  1. Share new listings - and feel free to post them more than one time as long as they are active!

  2. Share walkthroughs of new listings.

  3. Take pictures at open houses.

  4. Take videos at open houses.

  5. Take pictures with homebuyers who have their keys to their new homes.

  6. Take pictures with home sellers who just sold their property.

  7. Share property updates for listings that have changed prices or added/changed features.

  8. Share updates on flip properties that are being restored. People love a transformation!

  9. Share properties you are touring in the area, such as new builds or neighborhoods that you are considering for clients. Talk through the pros and cons.

  10. Take pictures or videos of neighborhoods where you're listings are so out of town buyers can get a feeling for the neighborhood.

  11. Share client testimonials.

  12. Share open house information.

Area Posts:

Sharing about the local area will further establish your reputation as the area expert. Plus, when you post about local places, tag those businesses so that you can also start building relationships with them, too!

social media posts for realtors
  1. Post about the local area.

  2. Share real estate market stats for areas where you take clients.

  3. Share real estate market stats for surrounding areas so clients can compare.

  4. Share about local restaurants.

  5. Share about activities for kids.

  6. Share about great coffee shops

  7. Share about local stores/boutiques.

  8. Share about local restaurants.

  9. Share about places to visit for out-of-towners, such as gardens, lakes, and historical buildings.

  10. Share photos of beautiful places, from gorgeous vistas to Instagrammable locations.

  11. Share local farmer's markets in action.

  12. Share local and free concerts in action.

  13. Share sports games in action.

  14. Share local businesses that potential buyers may be looking for, such as a great pediatric dentist or a great chiropractor.

  15. Post holiday content, such as the best streets with Christmas lights and local pumpkin patches.

  16. Post festivals, street fairs, or any cultural activities that people might enjoy.

  17. Share events happening in the area, from car shows to outdoor yoga. You don't even have to attend, you can find a picture from the event online and share it out (just be sure to tag the original creator).

  18. Share a beautiful sunrise or sunset.

  19. Celebrate any local successes, such as a high school sports team that won the championship or a local school winning a prestigious award.

  20. Take pictures of beautiful neighborhoods and share them with location information.

Team Posts:

You want your current and potential clients to feel like they can get to know you and your team. These posts may feel awkward at first, but they will most likely offer you the biggest return on your investment.

social media posts for realtors
  1. Take funny team selfies when you're all in the office.

  2. Take photos of team meetings with a funny caption.

  3. Take meetings of staff lunches or events. Everybody loves a good food snap!

  4. Take pictures of any staff pets that visit the office -people love animals!

  5. Take pictures of the staff volunteering together (or separately).

  6. Celebrate staff achievements, such as selling a property or landing a new listing with a snap!

  7. Grab fun photo props and take the occasional silly selfie.

  8. Take pictures with new clients.

  9. Going to a work event? Take pictures!

  10. Going on a work trip? Take videos and pictures of all the places you go.

  11. Do a weekly or monthly employee spotlight.

  12. Share staff voting.

  13. Share behind the scenes details.

Education Posts:

You want your feed to add value, not just for clients, but for other realtors, too. Real estate agents can't sell every property everywhere. So, making friends with other realtors that you can learn from and share clients with is a win-win for both!

social media posts for realtors
  1. Share tips for first-time homebuyers.

  2. Share tips for what to look for when buying a home.

  3. Share tips for how to prep a home to sell.

  4. Share tips for how to stage a home.

  5. Share tips for how to get the best photos.

  6. Share the best home improvements for home sellers.

  7. Share the worst home improvements for home sellers.

  8. Share tips for house flippers who want to make money!

  9. Share tips for property investors who want to build their portfolio.

  10. Share negotiation tips for realtors.

  11. Share social media tips for realtors.

  12. Share social media post tips for realtors ;)

  13. Share tips on improving curb appeal.

  14. Share tips on how to get a home loan.

  15. Share tips for cleaning your home.

  16. Share tips for organizing your home.

  17. Share tips for revamping the backyard.

  18. Share tips for pricing a home.

  19. Share tips for picking a flip.

  20. Share tips for getting the best videos.

Engagement Posts:

You definitely want to take opportunities to engage with your followers and motivate others to follow you, too. Engagement posts are the ones where you're looking for a response to a question or a giveaway. Have fun with engagements posts!

social media posts for realtors
  1. Do a giveaway - offer a gift card to a local small business!

  2. Ask a question, such as - what area would you renovate in your home first or what is the most important room in the house to you?

  3. Do a "this or that" where you have side-by-side of two real estate related things.

  4. Share a statistic or fact that will get people interacting and commenting.

  5. Share a great quote that people will want to respond to and share.

  6. Take a poll and then share the results.

  7. Ask people where they'd like to go on vacation.

  8. Ask people which house they like better.

  9. Ask people what questions they have about real estate.

  10. Ask real estate agents for their best tips for homeowners or home sellers.

***** What do you think? Does this give you any new ideas for what you could be posting about?

Just remember that being consistent and showing up regularly is the most important thing you can do for your social media accounts. Don't worry too much about what anybody else is doing and just focus on what feels right for your business and audience. The more authentic you are on social media platforms, the more people will respond positively to your content, follow you and want to share it with others.

To see how we are using social media for our real estate business, feel free to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest.

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