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Russ G - Seller

I want to thank Russell Enyart for the phenomenal job he did for my family when it came time to sell my brothers home last year. My brother was no longer able to keep up with the maintenance on his home so we needed to move him into a retirement community. We heard about Russell through some friends and decided to ask for his advice on what we should do. It didn't take long to realize how knowledgeable and passionate he is. When we first met he had already done his homework and knew all the prices of homes that had recently sold in the community. He walked with us and made notes of everything we needed to get done to get the most value from the sale. Then he sat down with us, told us what we needed to do and helped us find the assistance we needed to get everything done. Once the work was done, he helped us stage the home and in less then a month, we were able to sell the house for even more then we were asking.

It's not often you find someone as kind and caring, especially in the Real Estate business, as Russell was throughout this process. We had so much to deal with as we moved my brother from his home into a retirement facility. Russell took care of us and made sure we had nothing to worry about except finding the right place for my brother. I can't thank him enough for everything he did to make life easier for me and my entire family!!!

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