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5 More Design Trends That Are Big For 2022

A few months ago, we published a post with 8 home decor trends big for 2022 and beyond. With decor trends like shades of green, rounded furniture, warmer kitchen tones and more, it's turned out to be exactly on point for what we are seeing this year in homes and home decor stores.

But, in addition to those 8 trends, we've noticed a few more that are popping up everywhere.

So today, we are sharing 5 more design trends that are big. These are perfect for you if you need to get unstuck in updating your home decor, are looking for fresh ways to stage your home before listing it to sell or are interested in flipping houses, which requires making quick design choices that will appeal to the largest amount of potential buyers.

1. Wicker Furniture:

Wicker and rattan are back and they're more fashionable than ever. We're not just talking about wicker chairs. Wicker has worked its way into lighting, cabinets, bar stools, beds, and more.

Entire furniture lines have been inspired by the coastal appeal of wicker and rattan, so you could infuse individual pieces or go all in with your wicker home decor. Use wicker to give a space a relaxed, warm, welcoming vibe.

For more inspiration, check out wicker furnishings and decor at places like Serena & Lily, Cost Plus World Market, Target, Anthropologie, and Urban Outfitters.

2. Canopy Beds:

These aren't the canopy beds from the 80s. Canopy beds have become more architectural and interesting.

Some are using mixed materials to add texture and detail, while others are using clean, minimalistic designs for high impact. These are statement pieces that add a lot of interest to a space - perfect for staging a primary bedroom or even drawing the eye away from strange lines in an odd guest room.

For canopy bed ideas, check out the curved canopy bed from Crate & Barrel or the wood and metal canopy bed from Pottery Barn.

3. Sculptural Lighting:

Lighting continues to be a home decor item that can really date a place very quickly. Lighting trends change fast and right now, sculptural lighting is in.

This current trend is using unique shapes, such as circles to create the look of bubbles, or lightbulbs dripping down from wires to draw the eye up and make the lighting a focal point.

Large farmhouse inspired lighting is also huge right now and everyone from high-end stores to more affordable knock-offs are flooding the market. We're also seeing lighting made from unconventional materials, such as capiz shell chandeliers, and wood bead lights.

Another area where lighting is changing is the ceiling fan, which was the forgotten light for a long time. Not anymore; ceiling fans are now becoming sculptural, interesting, and more attractive. For some ceiling fan ideas that aren't ugly, check out this post.

Lighting is a very affordable way to quickly update a space and draw the eye up and away from any less attractive distractions in a room. Consider adding sculptural lighting to your space for an immediate and easy update.

4. Checkerboard Patterns:

This might remind you of the checkerboard pattern popular in 50s diners, but it's back and it's big. In most cases, the checkerboard is not being done with black and white, but with a more marbled color palette, which softens the tons to more of a light gray and dark gray. Popular DIY home bloggers have jumped on this bandwagon and driven the popularity up by adding it to their dining rooms, laundry rooms, home gyms, and basically any space where they want to use flooring to make a high impact.

The busy checkerboard is definitely different from the lighter, quieter flooring that is popular in 2022, but the two play well together. You could easily have lighter, white oak flooring throughout a space and then use a checkerboard floor in a smaller area to create separation and interest.

You wouldn't want to use the checkerboard throughout an entire house or even a very large space, though, as it could quickly overwhelm the design.

5. Emotional Escape Rooms:

Perhaps this is a result of people staying home and working from home more than ever before in history, but the emotional escape room gained traction on Pinterest and has flooded home decor ever since.

An emotional escape room is simply carving out a nook or a space to create a little sanctuary where you can go and just unplug, relax, and recharge. This might be a music room for you and others may want a more spa-like environment. An emotional escape room might be full of books and overstuffed furniture for some and it might be minimalistic, full of neutral tones and have a space for yoga or meditation for others.

The point of the emotional escape room is to find something that speaks to you and helps you decompress and rejuvenate. If you're looking to include a space like this in your home, rental or flip, consider going for something relaxing, neutral and add props that speak to either music or yoga.


There is no way around it: the events of the last couple years have changed how people are decorating and using their houses. Builders, decorators and designers are seeing these shifts and incorporating them into their new projects.

If you're finding parts of your house are feeling stale and simply not fitting how you live your life today, make easy swaps and changes that will bring your home back to life and make it work for you.

If you're selling, use these tips to inspire home updates that you make that will drive ROI and help sell your home faster.

We hope these home decor trends inspired you to look up - at your lighting - or down - at your floors - in a new light.

If you're interested in selling, buying, or investing in real estate in the Sacramento area, give us a call at 916.524.9733.

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