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Moving to Loomis? 10 Reasons You'll Love Living Here!


Looking to make a move to Loomis? You won't regret it. There's many reasons why people love living in Loomis and we are going to share the top ten reasons why you'll never want to leave.

1. Loomis Has Lots of Open Space:

Loomis used to be an even quieter town, but as more growth happens, some of that feel is traded for more industry, shopping areas, restaurants and schools. But, despite all of this growth, Loomis has fought hard to maintain lots of open space and larger lots for houses than many neighboring towns. This continues to give Loomis its quieter, more rural feel.

2. Loomis Has Tons of Local Places:

If you're tired of seeing the same strip mall and chain restaurants everywhere you go, you'll love Loomis. Local mom and pop places thrive here. Just take a peek at some of the delicious food at LBB Gastropub & Smokehouse! We just shared this pic over on our Instagram.


Mouthwatering, right? And, there's more where that came from. You'll find a lot of local places with tons of heart, character, and delicious food right here in town.

And, you'll still have easy access to anything else you could need and want, too, for those necessary trips to Target or Starbucks.

3. Loomis Has More Affordable Housing:

If you've been following our market reports on our Instagram, you'll probably see a theme. The housing market in the Sacramento area, including Loomis, are still more affordable than other impacted areas like the Bay Area and Southern California.

The median home price in Loomis is $650,000 and rent is $1400. This means you'll be able to find options both lower and higher than these amounts.

Loomis offers any type of housing you might be looking for, from large lots of land to high-density housing with no yard maintenance. If you're shopping for a home in Loomis, give us call at 916.524.9733. We are long-time residents and real estate experts in the area. We would love to show you around.

4. Loomis Has Easy Access to Freeways:

Fact is, most of us have to go to work. And, we may not always work in the city where we live. Loomis will make commuting wherever you need to go super easy, with easy access to several main freeways in the area.

You'll be able to make it to plenty of nearby towns pretty quickly, including:

  • Rocklin

  • Roseville

  • Granite Bay

  • Auburn

  • Citrus Heights

  • and more!

5. Loomis Has Excellent Public Schools:

Similar to other areas, like Folsom - Loomis enjoys an excellent public school system. In fact, the schools are so beloved, you may see a lack of private school options. That's only because so many local families choose to use their neighborhood school and are very happy with it.

Feel free to check out the schools in Loomis on sites like

6. Loomis Offers Many Job Opportunities:


While Loomis is on the smaller side, it still offers many job opportunities. But, the accessibility to plenty of nearby towns is where you'll really find a lot of options if you're on the job hunt.

And, since the area is less impacted, you may find less competition when applying for jobs. Of course, as many companies allow for working from home now, you may be looking for a larger home with a home office instead, in which case, Loomis will give you a nice quiet place to work from home.

7. Loomis Has Beautiful Weather:

Just like we shared in our Sacramento post, Loomis benefits from gorgeous California weather, without the high real estate price tag.

Loomis, like many areas in Sacramento, have up to 300 sunny days a year! There are a few dips in winter and a few hot weeks in summer, but the rest of the year is blue skies and beautiful.

8. Looms Offers Plenty To Do:


You'll never get bored in Loomis. There are plenty of options for activities and food and then even more within a short drive. Here's just some of the many things to do in the Loomis area:

  • Golf courses

  • Wine tasting

  • Horton Iris Garden

  • Newcastle Lavender Farms

  • Dance classes

  • Impact Axe

  • Studio Movie Grill

  • Golfland Sunsplash

  • Local gyms

  • Tons of nearby parks

  • Folsom Lake

  • Top Golf in Rocklin

  • The Fountains shopping

  • Galleria Shopping Mall

  • and many more!

9. Loomis Is Safe:

While nothing is 100% safe, Loomis ranks as safer than the average town in California. And, many of the crimes in Loomis are against property, rather than people.

Of course, you'll still want to take care to be safe and avoid risks, but it's important to think about the safety of a place before moving there, especially if you have kids.

10. People in Loomis Are Still Friendly:

You'll notice people stopping to talk and enjoying a slower, kinder pace of life here in Loomis. In fact, it may be a little jarring at first, if you're used to the hustle and bustle of city life.

People in Loomis still make eye contact, ask how you're doing, offer to help if they see you need it, and look out for each other.

Traffic and road rage are also less common here, with people usually favoring to play nicely on the road.

In general, it's just a lovely place to live with people who care about the community, fight against negativity, and work together to make it the best place it can be.

Sure, not every person is happy all the time, but generally speaking, we feel like this is a truly special place to live and raise a family.


What do you think? Are you interested in moving to Loomis?

If you are planning a move in the future, don't miss our post with 45 top tips for moving, as well as home improvements that will raise your property value!

Thanks for reading! Give us a call if you're shopping for real estate in the Sacramento area at 916.524.9733.


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