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Moving to Sacramento? 21 Reasons You'll Love Living Here!

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

Interested in moving to the capital of the sunny state of California? With so many beautiful places to live in the area, plus more affordable housing than many areas in the state, it's understandable why many people are flocking to this culturally rich and family-friendly place to live.

Why Move to Sacramento?

Sacramento boasts many of the same benefits enjoyed in higher priced areas in California, without the expensive price tag. Easy access to snow-capped mountains perfect for skiing, as well as nearby lakes and even beaches where you can get your Vitamin D, Sacramento offers all of the amenities people are looking for when they make a move to California.

Plus, a rich history in the area makes Sacramento a thriving center rich with delicious food, inspiring art galleries, plenty of things to do, a great real estate market, and much more.

We are long-time residents in the Sacramento area and we love to sing its praises. Here are 20 things you'll love about living here - from locals!

1. There's A Neighborhood for Everyone:

moving to sacramento

Whatever you are looking for in a neighborhood, Sacramento has one for you. Whether you are looking for the pedestrian lifestyle with plenty of night life that Midtown Sacramento offers or accessibility to large, green open spaces for recreation like you'll find at McKinley Park in East Sacramento, there's a neighborhood for you.

And, if you just want to be able to come in and enjoy everything the city has to offer in Sacramento and then go home to a quieter, more family-friendly area, Sacramento is easily accessed by tons of nearby suburbs, including:

Each one of these suburban areas offers something unique in terms of vibe, amenities, schools, home types, styles and prices, and demographics.

If you're looking to relocate to the Sacramento area - talk to the experts! We know this area and would love to help. Give us a call at 916.524.9733.

2. The Weather is Beautiful:

moving to sacramento

Kiss those long, frigid winters goodbye. And, say hello to a more mild summer than the mosquito-filled, humid summer days in places like Texas.

Sacramento enjoys gorgeous weather, almost year-round, with approximately 300 sunny days a year. Weather turns rainy and cold for just a short period of time and will have some hot weeks in the warmest part of summer, but other than that, the weather is mild and gorgeous.

Some say Sacramento enjoys all the perks of California without some of the downsides. In fact, maybe we shouldn't tell you how great it is, so we can keep these secrets to ourselves and not ruin our next point...

3. Sacramento is Not as Impacted as Other Areas:

Some parts of the state are so impacted, the traffic is a nightmare, resources are depleted, people are grumpy from being overworked and still not being able to afford quality housing, and industries have more applicants than they could ever interview.

Living in that rat race takes a toll, even if you're living close enough to breathe in the salty ocean air. This explains why so many Californians have been relocating to the Sacramento area over the last ten years.

They know the secret: Sacramento offers a similar quality of life, if not better, with less of the stress, hustle, and bustle.

This is especially true if you move into one of the suburban areas surrounding the city, where you'll really get the best of both worlds.

4. There Are Lots of Job Opportunities:

moving to sacramento

Sure, parts of the Silicon Valley are so packed with tech startups and large businesses that they are huge magnets for professionals worldwide. But, that doesn't mean they are the only places in the state where you can find that kind of work.

Sacramento and the surrounding areas offer plenty of opportunities to find work in all types of industries, especially healthcare, tech and government work. And, you may find less competition for those jobs, based on the conditions of the job market and the fact mentioned before: the areas are less impacted.

Ready to be the big fish in a smaller pond? Sacramento might be the place for you.

5. Sacramento Has a Rich History:

moving to sacramento

Not everyone wants to live in the sterility of a brand new area or neighborhood, so if you're looking for a city with a rich history that you can enjoy and explore, Sacramento has that in spades.

From gorgeous capitol buildings you can tour to beautifully maintained structures in Old Town Sacramento and downtown Folsom, you'll have a list of places you'll want to spend your weekends visiting.

Check out our post with the top things to do in Sacramento for even more ideas of places you won't want to miss if you visit or relocate to the area.

6. Real Estate is More Affordable:

moving to sacramento

We're not going to lie, the rumors are true: California is an expensive place to live, particularly if you're in the Silicon Valley or on/near the cost.

But, if you are willing to move inland, while still enjoying all the benefits of being in California, you'll also enjoy a more affordable real estate market.

So, whether you're looking for that downtown loft or a killer real estate investment to add to your portfolio, this may be the place for you to settle down and grow your assets.

For example, the median home price in the Silicon Valley is $1.175 million in comparison to a median home price in Sacramento of $400,000. That's a huge difference!

7. Home to the Largest Farmer's Market in California:

moving to sacramento

Fresh foodies, get excited! Sacramento is home to the California's largest Farmer's Market - and it is a sight to behold! Thanks to the mild Mediterranean climate and plenty of room to grow, over 50 Farmer's Markets are near the area and offer everything from farm-to-table produce to homemade macaroons that will melt in your mouth!

We'll share more soon about all of these incredible Farmer's Markets that you will definitely want to put on your calendar! Or, just start with the largest of them all - downtown Sacramento's own Farmer's Market!

Sacramento love to share and shop their local small businesses, so if you're also looking to share your farm fresh food or other creations, this is a great place to live and grow your business.

8. Sacramento Has Great Food:

moving to sacramento

Why settle for subpar food? Get the good stuff. Sacramento is home to some of the finest chefs and most delicious cuisine. Just look at these mouth-watering fried chicken sandwiches from BAWK!

At the time of posting, here are some of the best restaurants you'll absolutely want to try in the Sacramento area according Eater:

  • Sam's Hof Brau - Sandwiches piled high

  • Frank Fat's - Frank's Style New York steaks and more

  • Lemon Grass Restaurant - Iconic Vietnamese and Thai food

  • The Waterboy - Seasonally driven fresh cuisine

  • Kru Sushi - Elegant and artful sushi

  • South - Finger-licking good Southern barbecue

  • Localis - Adventurous, Instagram-worthy chef's tasting menu

  • Binchoyaki Izakaya Dining - Comfort Japanese food

  • Queen Sheba Ethiopian Cuisine - Popular Ethiopian food

  • Bacon & Butter - Skip the long wait for these re-imagined breakfast favorites with takeout

  • Flowers Fish Market & Restaurant - Serving soul food since the 1980s

  • Luigi's Pizza Parlor - Sacramento's signature pizzaria

  • Post Oak Barbecue - Texas brisket done right!

  • Simpleton - Vegan waffles, donuts and coffee to die for!

  • BAWK! Fried Chicken - Don't miss their juicy fried chicken sandwiches

  • and many more!

We could go on and on about the mind-boggling array of dining options available in the Sacramento and surrounding areas, but we'll sum it up with this: come hungry.

9. Sacramento Has Great Coffee:

moving to sacramento

Coffee lovers, where you at? If you're a connoisseur of the bean, you'll love living here.

While we're certainly not knocking chains like Starbucks and Peet's (we love you, too!), sometimes it's nice to try a a cozy place with a unique vibe for your Saturday coffee and stroll.

We love that unique coffee shops are able to thrive here. Make sure to follow us on Instagram to see our weekend spotlights of places to stop in Sacramento, such as Temple Coffee, with 5 locations and growing.

Here's a short list of even more boutique coffee shops you're sure to enjoy:

  • Tupelo Coffee & Roasting

  • Insight Coffee Roasters

  • Old Soul Co.

  • Milka Coffee Roasters

  • Shift Coffee House

  • Identity Coffees

  • Pachamama Coffee Bar

  • Naked Lounge Philz Coffee

  • Coffee Works

  • Maestro Coffee Shop

  • Camellia Coffee Roasters

  • The Trade Coffee & Coworking

  • Pause Coffee

  • The Mill

  • Station 38 Coffee

  • Roots Coffee

  • & many more!

Read more about the many different place to get the perfect cup of Joe in Sacramento here.

10. Sacramento Has Magical Holiday Activities:

moving to sacramento

The holidays are an undeniably magical time. You won't have to give up your favorites by moving to this area - in fact, you just might find a whole list of new ones to enjoy.

We love the holiday activities available in the fall months and here are just a few of the many things you can do to make the magic of the holidays come alive:

There's a lot more than this. We'll keep adding to this list and make sure to send us your favorites, too!

11. Sacramento Is On The Water:

moving to sacramento

Something we hear from a lot of Californians who have had access to the gorgeous coast for their whole lives is, "But I'll miss the water."

Guess what - you don't have to! Sacramento sits where the American River and Sacramento River converge.

This is why you can enjoy so many waterfront and water activities, including riding paddle steamers and going on river cruises.

A quick drive will also take you to the scenic Folsom Lake, where you can rest of the shores to enjoy the view or jump on a paddle boat to get some exercise.

Just a couple hours further up and you'll be sitting on one of many picturesque Tahoe beaches or riding the waves at Dillon Beach.

Don't let leaving the coast get you down - you'll be sure to find new favorite waterfront places in Sacramento.

12. Sacramento is Ideally Located:

moving to sacramento

Looking to plan that perfect weekend getaway? You'll have quick access to many different types of places. Here are just a few of the many places that you can quickly reach in time for a weekend trip:

  • Sonoma

  • Napa

  • Lake Tahoe

  • Santa Cruz

  • Carmel

  • Monterey

  • Sausalito

  • San Francisco

  • Yosemite

  • Montecito

  • Redding

Or, you can take a quick one hour flight to visit these places:

  • Los Angeles

  • Malibu

  • San Diego

  • Laguna Beach

  • Dana Point

  • Disneyland

  • Universal Studios

  • Orange County

  • San Miguel

  • Big Sur

There are even more choices than this! California has so many lovely little small towns and thriving urban areas to choose from when planning your weekend getaways!

13. There are Many Free Attractions:

moving to sacramento

You can enjoy many activities in the area, without paying a dime! Who likes free? We do!

If you're looking for some fun, free entertainment (and who isn't), check out these attractions:

  • Free Museum Days

  • Jelly Belly Factory

  • Second Saturday Art Walk

  • American River Bike Trail

  • Folsom Lake

  • Sacramento Farmer's Markets

  • Many splash pads at parks

  • Tour the capitol buildings

Find even more free things to do with kids in this great post. On that note, if you've got kids, you'll love this next one...

14. Sacramento is Very Kid-Friendly:

moving to sacramento

People love kids here! Not only are most places very kid-friendly, but you'll find a ton of activities geared towards the family in the Sacramento area.

From the Sacramento Zoo to Fairytale Town, you'll have no shortage of places to enjoy as a family here. And, with lots of outdoor recreation space, you can just hop on your bikes or pack that picnic to get outside, enjoy the beautiful weather and revel in the great decision you made moving here.

For even more fun ideas, don't miss this post with 21 things to do with kids in Sacramento!

15. There are a Ton of Parks in Sacramento:

moving to sacramento

Speaking of things to do in Sacramento, you may be amazed at the awesome park system here!

From splash pad parks to large greenbelts for recreation, you'll notice that this is an area where people get off the couch, out of the house, and outside to hang out!

Here are some of our favorite parks around the area to enjoy:

  • McKinley Park - Rose garden, green space and more

  • William Land Regional Park - Greenspace with zoo and more

  • California State Capitol Park - Gorgeous landscaped spaces to explore

  • Berthe Henschel Park - Great for families

  • Shasta Community Park - Expansive park, trails and library

  • McClatchy Park - Fun historical park

  • Tanzanite Community Park - Skate park, playgrounds and restrooms

  • Swanston Splash Park - Free water fun for kids

  • Miller Regional Park - Waterfront with boat dock, picnic tables and green space

  • North Natomas Regional Park - Multi-use with sports fields and an amphitheater

Want more? See TripAdvisor's list of the best parks in the area here.

16. Sacramento Has Been Called the City of Trees:

moving to sacramento

Being known for having a lot of trees may seem like a silly thing, until you've lived in the area and fallen in love with the long tree-lined streets full of mature trees. They provide shade (which also helps reduce energy costs) and ambience to an already charming town.

From well-known trees like maple and oak trees to the exotic trees added over time, fall and spring are particularly magnificent times to enjoy the many trees of Sacramento.

And, we are so proud of our trees, you can even take tours our urban forests with self-guided tree tours or just pick your favorite to relax under at one of our many parks.

Check out this article in the LA Times about our famous autumn trees!

17. Sacramento Has Tons of Nightlife:

moving to sacramento

There will never be a shortage of shows to see or places to go in Sacramento (unless, of course, we're in the middle of a pandemic).

The Golden 1 Center is a fan favorite for taking in a sports game or attending a concert. Or, head over to Cesar Chavez Park for an outdoor concert.

Looking for something more refined? Take in a stunning display of strength and artistry at the Sacramento Philharmonic and Opera or enjoy up to 8 shows a week at the Sacramento Theatre Company.

18. Many Sacramento Schools Are Excellent:

moving to sacramento

Not only are many of the public schools so great that many suburbs have few private school options, but Sacramento ranks as one of the Top 50 Most Educated Cities in America!

Sure, not every area and every school are going to be top notch, but if schools are something that are important to you - make sure to talk to a real estate agent who truly knows the area and neighborhoods to help you find the right fit!

Plus, you can keep your kids close when it's time for college. With Sacramento State, UC Davis, and an extensive community college in driving distance, they'll receive a world-class education right outside your door.

19. In Many Areas, Crime is Low:

Sure, this isn't going to be 100% true for every area - anywhere in the world - but for the most part, many areas have low crime rates.

This is particularly true in suburban neighborhoods where communities know each other and communicate about unusual activity. Some of the nearby communities rank in the high 70s (with 100 being the safest town) for crime rates, which shows how important it is to know the area and work with a realtor who can help you find the right property for your real estate objectives.

20. Sacramento Has Beautiful Views:

moving to sacramento

Where else can you enjoy the views of snow-capped mountains, blue waterways, stunning lit-up bridges, sprawling green belts and blooming urban forests in the same area?

Sacramento is a prime example of how incredible and truly unique the California landscape is. You'll quickly see why many Californians say it's hard to live anywhere else!

21. People In Sacramento Are Friendly:

In fact, it can be startling to go back to areas in other parts of the state. Especially in neighborhoods like Folsom, which has been nicknamed Wholesome Folsom and Rosy Rocklin, you'll really notice the difference in how people interact on a daily basis.

These are places where people still make eye contact, ask how you're doing, offer to help if they see you need it, and look out for each other.

Traffic and road rage are also less common here, with people usually favoring to play nicely on the road.

In general, it's just a lovely place to live with people who care about the community, fight against negativity, and work together to make it the best place it can be.

Sure, not every person is happy all the time, but generally speaking, we feel like this is a truly special place to live and raise a family.


Music, sports, water activities, great food, mild weather and affordable real estate. What are you waiting for?

Find your dream home in Sacramento and get moving! Just make sure to read our post with 45 moving tips that will keep you organized and give us a call to help you grab that perfect piece of real estate or check out our current listings here.

Thanks for reading!


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