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18 Neutral Paint Colors That Homebuyers Love

neutral paint color

Paint is so important. We talk about neutral paint in every single post on home staging and how to prep your home to sell for top dollar.

But, simply saying "neutral paint" doesn't help you when you're staring at a wall of colors at Home Depot. Suddenly, "white" takes on a new meaning when you see that there are, in fact, dozens of white colored paints.

So, today, we want to take the guesswork out of paint shopping for you indefinitely. We are breaking down paint colors to 18 designer favorite neutral paint colors that homebuyers love.

These paints can be paint-matched at whatever store is near you or you can go with the original and make life easy. If you're using a professional painter, they can take these names and codes to whatever paint supply store they use and get them for you.

Yup. We just solved one of the biggest headaches from home sellers and home renovators that we hear every day.

You're welcome ;)

Why Use Neutral Paint Colors:

neutral paint color

Before we dive in to the 18 different neutral paint colors, let's talk briefly about why these are going to give you some serious ROI.

1. Neutral paint makes your space look bigger:

That neutral paint is going to make that square feet work even harder for you. Spaces will look larger, taller, wider, brighter, and overall, just bigger.

2. Neutral paint highlights your home's architecture:

Yup, this one, too. Neutral paint is going to highlight the lines of your space in a very flattering way. Sure, the new owner may choose to paint those beams or add an accent color, but let them decide that. Give them a fresh start with a beautiful, fresh coat of neutral paint and watch as they appreciate the architecture of your home even more.

3. Neutral paint looks newer:

If you're selling an older space, you know you're competing with those new builds that price their homes lower to get people in the door (only to add expenses later - see more on this in our post on what to expect with a new build), so one way you can make your space more competitive is to brighten up that paint.

Bright, fresh paint is always going to make a space look newer and more modern. If your walls have marks, holes, and scratches from daily life and hanging things on the wall, fill those first and paint after. Watch as your space livens up before your eyes (and lights up the eyes of your potential buyers, too).

4. Paint is a hassle:

When buyers walk a space, their brains immediately start keeping track of all the expenses that will come with it. If there are spaces they need to renovate and old paint that needs to be updated, they'll just see dollar signs.

Take care of one of the biggest hassles of moving and apply fresh, neutral paint throughout your home before listing. For 45 moving tips that will save you time and stress, read this post.

5. Paint gets old:

Paint does not last forever (especially if it's flat paint). Trends get dated very quickly. Classic, neutral colors like white, light gray and light cream are always going to stand the test of time, because they go with everything.

Even if the colors you have already are nice and neutral, chances are likely they need a refresh. Make your space shine with the perfect neutral paint color.

Now that you're sold on why you need to update your paint, let's look at the top 18 colors to make your home look its best and capture the eyes of buyers.

6 Best White Paint Colors:

White is really going to be your best bet most of the time and this is especially true in homes that are more modern and contemporary in style. Here are the top picks for white paint:

neutral paint color

When choosing a white paint, look at the undertones in the color and consider how that will play out in the lighting you have. If your space doesn't have a lot of natural light, a white with a warm undertone is going to look cream or gray. You would want to pick a bright white to make the most of the space, such as Chantilly Lace or Simply White.

Swiss Coffee is an industry classic and looks fantastic on trim and ceilings. Cloud White and White Dove are gorgeous, particularly on exteriors, and can really bring out the best in a home's architecture.

6 Best Neutral Gray Paint Colors:

If you are painting a room where you want a little mood lighting, like a formal dining room or an office, consider one of these stunning gray colors:

neutral paint color

Revere Pewter is a stunning paint color that almost everybody loves. It can be a little dark in some spaces, though, so Silver Satin is a great substitute when that is the case.

Edgecomb Gray and Gray Owl are subtle, beautiful colors that add just a little extra to a space. Stonington Gray and Coventry Gray are excellent when you want to make a little impact.

6 Best Neutral Paint Colors:

For homes with particular architectural styles, such as Spanish and Mediterranean, or French Country, a neutral paint color is going to really showcase the details, such as arched doorways and wainscotting. These are the best neutral paint colors in the business.

neutral paint color

Pale Oak is a stunner. We've seen this used throughout an entire home and it takes on a life of its own in each space, depending on light. It truly is a neutral and works everywhere.

Muslin has a rich, creamy look that adds warmth, similar to Manchester Tan.

Balboa Mist, Classic Grey and Collingwood are going to add just a splash of color and life to a space that you won't get from a straight white.

Choosing Paint Type:

A very important question is going to be - what kind of paint should you get? It's very important that you do not choose flat paint here. It is very difficult to clean and it doesn't capture light the same way as a satin or eggshell will.

We always recommend going with an eggshell or something similar, especially if you're looking to sell, because of the way that it interacts with light to create a soft, welcoming glow.

Eggshell and satin are musts in bathrooms and kitchen spaces, too, because they are easier to clean. For trim, look for semi-gloss. The eggshell walls and semi-gloss trim play very nicely together.

Choosing a Paint Color:

We hope these paint samples make it easier for you to choose. If you're still stuck, we'll make it super simple for you: go with Pale Oak on walls and Swiss Coffee on trim and ceilings.

But, honestly, you can't go wrong with any of these. They are favorites in the industry and buyers love them.

Looking for more tips on how to prep your home to sell? Check out these posts:

Thanks for reading!


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