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Moving To El Dorado Hills? 10 Reasons You'll Love Living Here!

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

moving to el dorado hills

El Dorado Hills is a town close to our hearts, since several of our team members here at Enyart Homes have chosen it as their own home town and love it. And, we're not alone - you'll find that most people who choose to move to EDH feel very lucky to live in such a beautiful, friendly, safe place.

So, if you're doing research on whether or not you should make El Dorado Hills your new home, keep reading - we're about to share all of the reasons why we love living here and think you might, too.

1. El Dorado Hills Is Beautiful:

We're just going to say it - this is one beautiful town. The growth and new builds have been done responsibly and with consideration to the overall aesthetic of the town, similar to places like Los Gatos or Los Altos. So, as the town grows, you see that there is careful attention to detail, rather than just a hodge-podge collection of random housing styles and storefronts. The overall architectural design could best be described as a modern mediterranean.

2. El Dorado Hills Has a Small Town Feel:

Even though you have access to everything you could need within a 15 minute radius, you'll still get that small town feel from EDH. Part of that comes from a strong community that has proudly lived here for a long time and fiercely protects the town from unnecessary or out-of-character growth, but also, it just is smaller - thanks to larger lot sizes for houses and a lot of undeveloped land.

The 2019 census put EDH at a population of around 48,000, compared to Folsom, it's closest neighboring town, which had 78,000. Even still, Folsom is a bit more of a bustling town with more shopping and high density housing, giving you the best of both worlds if you live in EDH.

Sure, EDH is growing and it will continue to grow - as all places do - but they haven't given up that small town community vibe yet and hopefully won't for a long time to come.

3. El Dorado Hills Has Spectacular Views:

moving to el dorado hills

El Dorado Hills is literally built in the hills, with many homes having expansive views of the area. Plus, the town ordinance that limits street lighting means that all those twinkling lights are even more spectacular at night.

Builders also seem to take full advantage of this unusual benefit to living here and you'll see many homes built to maximize this viewpoint. In fact, there is even a preferred fencing type used in new communities to provide less barriers to the view.

EDH is a town proud of their landscape and location and you won't have to work hard to find a home that make the best of it. And, once you live here, just wait until you make your way down the 50 only to realize you can see clear past downtown Sacramento for panoramic views that never get old.

4. El Dorado Hills Has Great Parks:

While slightly less of the population has young children compared to Folsom or Rocklin, you'll still enjoy a robust park system with plenty of incredible parks to take your kids, have a picnic, walk your dog and just enjoy the sunshine.

One of the local favorites, Kalithea Park, has incredible views of Folsom Lake - making it a special spot for you and your kids to hang out.

moving to el dorado hills

Another local favorite, El Dorado Hills Community Park, was recently redone to include even more inclusive play areas and a unique play structure you won't find anywhere else!

Of course, don't miss nearby Promontory Park, with two separate play structures, a free splash pad park and large soccer fields and tennis courts.

If your family loves to bike, there are plenty of bike trails for you to enjoy as well.

5. El Dorado Hills Has Great Restaurants:

Prefer local places or small chains you can't find elsewhere? You'll love Milestone, Knight's Steakhouse, Mom and Pop Chicken Shop, Relish Burger and Flightz.

Looking for a tried and true fave? There's Selland's, Chipotle, Panda Express, Starbucks, Peet's, and many more as well.

A quick jaunt one exit up or down the freeway will take you to Cameron Park or Folsom, where you can find dozens of options for anything you could be looking for.

One thing is for sure, you'll never go hungry for lack of options in the EDH area. To read more about our 15 favorite places to eat in EDH, read this post.

6. El Dorado Hills Has Phenomenal Weather:

We recently shared about the great climate of the Sacramento area and EDH is no exception. While EDH is more elevated than Sacramento, which means the winters get a little bit colder and summers can be a little bit hotter, you'll still enjoy approximately 300 outdoor days a year.

In fact, it's a running joke around here that 50 is freezing and you'll see locals very bundled up for a rainy day that someone from the East Coast may not even register as cold. Don't blame us - we're spoiled and we love it.

7. El Dorado Hills Has Great Schools:

Most of the schools in El Dorado Hills rank highly on, but more importantly, they rank highly in the opinions of the community. You'll often hear people raving about their schools and teachers, even people who used to live elsewhere and had their kids in pricey private schools.

There is also a nice selection of local preschools and daycares for younger students and access to an expansive local community college system with campuses as close as Folsom for college-aged kids.

If you're looking for religious or private education, you'll find a small selection of spots as well, but not too many - since many of the locals prefer to utilize their local public schools instead.

8. El Dorado Hills Has a Convenient Location:

You'll love the quick and easy access to plenty of local towns for shopping, activities or jobs, including:

  • Cameron Park

  • Placerville

  • Folsom

  • Granite Bay

  • Fair Oaks

  • Orangevale

  • Citrus Heights

  • Rancho Cordova

  • Sacramento

  • and more!

Plus, if you're looking to enjoy many of the beautiful cities in California, you'll find your in a prime location to get to several of them within a short, few hour drive, including:

  • Tahoe

  • Sonoma

  • Napa

  • Mendocino

  • San Francisco

  • Sacramento

  • Carmel

  • Monterey

  • and many more!

So, even though you'll feel like your miles away in your private enclave, you'll actually be just a short jaunt from major freeways that can quickly get you wherever you want to go.

9. El Dorado Hills Has a Great Town Center:

moving to el dorado hills
Image courtesy of EDH Town Center

If you love a town that has a unique town street, downtown or town center, you'll love the effort EDH has put into creating this charming, useful little gathering spot. A full street of restaurants, banks, services, coffee shops, stores, and outdoor eating areas with views of the waterway make this town center the perfect spot to hang out, meet up or take the kids.

Town center offers holiday events, 4th of July fireworks, a local farmer's market and much more!

moving to el dorado hills
Image courtesy of EDH Town Center

Plus, new luxury apartments going up will increase occupancy and bring more business to local places - driving even more industry to fill in and give locals more options, too.

If rumors are true, another town center street is in the works for across the street and a shopping area up the hill will be building out in the future to include more restaurants and even an outdoor space for local bands to play!

10. El Dorado Hills Is Safer:

While nothing is perfect and you always want to take precautions, El Dorado Hills currently has a safety index of half that of the California average.

Plus, many neighborhoods have an active neighborhood watch and communicate regularly about crimes, attempted crimes and suspicious behavior on Nextdoor.


What do you think? Have you ever considered moving to El Dorado Hills? If you're looking for an area expert with deep knowledge of the area, as well as the real estate market, feel free to give us a call at 916. 524. 9733. We love helping our clients buy and sell in EDH.

And, if you're moving, don't forget to read our post with 45 moving tips!

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