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Moving to Granite Bay? 10 Reasons You'll Love Living Here!

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

granite bay

Granite Bay is known for being the crown jewel of the Sacramento suburbs. With the top schools in the area, exclusive gated communities with gorgeous architecture, and easy access to tons of activities and jobs, it's easy to see why Granite Bay continues to be the "it" place to live.

But, one question we get asked by clients considering moving to the area is, "Does the quality of life justify the price tag?" Granite Bay is still more affordable than other luxurious areas in California, like Los Altos and Laguna Beach, but it is a bit higher priced than nearby suburbs such as Rocklin, Roseville, and Folsom. So, is it really worth it to spend more to have the Granite Bay zip code?

As locals and real estate experts in the Sacramento area, we decided to share the reasons why Granite Bay might be the right place for you and your family - and whether or not it's worth the price will be for you to decide.

Let's get started!

1. Granite Bay Is Beautiful:

granite bay
Photo courtesy of Zillow

There is no denying that the tree-lined streets and gated communities welcome you in with open arms. Not to mention the beautiful architecture, with more thoughtful and ornate designs than you'll see in homes in the surrounding areas where new tract-homes are quickly popping up and becoming the norm.

Most Granite Bay neighborhoods are gated, too, which does come with an additional HOA fee, but it'll detour some of the traffic from those looking to gawk at the nice neighborhoods.

As you get to know the area, you'll notice a definite look and feel to Granite Bay neighborhoods that distinguish them from other areas, too. However, if it is older architecture you're wanting - you can find stunning custom homes in other nearby areas, such as Winding Way in affordable Fair Oaks. So, be sure to find a realtor well-versed in all of Sacramento.

2. Granite Bay Has the Best Schools:

granite bay
Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

A quick jaunt through is all it takes to see that Granite Bay schools have excellent reputations. Plus, when you scroll down and read the reviews, you see an active community that participates, volunteers, and raises funds to keep important programs during budget cuts, allowing for GB schools to weather the ups and downs of educational funding.

Excellent schools are one of the top things we hear from every client shopping in the Granite Bay neighborhood. Rest assured, people in Granite Bay love their schools.

3. Granite Bay Is Still Affordable:

It is certainly not the most affordable suburb in Sacramento. However, it is definitely more affordable than other areas that offer a similar quality of life in the state of California. You'll get all the benefits of other prestigious towns, without the same price tag. In fact, a similar home in the Los Gatos zip code would sell for millions more than what you'll pay here in Granite Bay. Here's a real estate market report we shared on our Instagram:

granite bay

You can see the market is hot, hot, hot, with homes selling quick and over ask, but still averaging in the $1M price point. You'll need a realtor who can navigate this market to help you snatch up that house you've got your eyes on. Follow us on Instagram for more market reports, great places in the area to go and much more.

4. Granite Bay Is Conveniently Located:

granite bay

Granite Bay is a small area located right in the Roseville area, so you'll have easy access to all of the shopping, dining, conveniences and activities available in Roseville, Rocklin, Loomis, and nearby Folsom, Fair Oaks, and El Dorado Hills.

Two neighboring towns, Rocklin and Roseville, are known for having tons of parks, family friendly activities and things to do, meaning you'll be able to have your cake (exclusive, gated, quiet communities) and eat it, too (accessibility, options, activities).

This really sets Granite Bay apart from other similar neighborhoods, where you'll usually have to drive a bit further to access what you need.

Plus, Granite Bay is close to major freeways and Folsom Lake and just 30 minutes from the Sacramento airport.

5. Granite Bay Has Beautiful Weather:

Say goodbye to shoveling snow or three months of constant rain. Granite Bay is a sunny place to live.

Summers in Granite Bay are hot, sunny, with low humidity. You may see peaks of weather in the summer that hit 102 or even a little higher, but this is only a few weeks of the year. Winters are short, with rain, rarely to no snow, and typically don't go lower than around 40F. The average temperature most days of the year is 70-85F. Not bad!

In fact, you may start to miss snow so much, you'll drive the 2 hours up to Tahoe to don your snow apparel and hit the slopes.

6. Granite Bay is Near a Lake:

granite bay
Photo courtesy of salty_wench_soap

Granite Bay is not just a name - it's referencing its location on a bay of Folsom Lake. In fact, many locals enjoy spending their weekends at the lakeside beaches, lake activity centers and out paddle-boating and kayaking on the crystal blue water.

If you're in the area and want to explore, consider renting a boat or kayak and parking at Willow Creek. Find more places to go near the lake at

For more fun activities and things to do in Granite Bay, check out this post next.

7. Granite Bay Has Lots of Neighborhoods:

If you're a person who takes pride in your neighborhood and enjoys living in a place where people organize activities and neighborhood events, you may love some of the more well-known Granite Bay neighborhoods.

Here are some of the most popular neighborhoods in the Granite Bay area:

  • Los Lagos

  • Wedgewood

  • Wexford

  • Granite Bay Hills

  • Douglas Ranch (ungated, but beautiful)

  • Shelborne

These neighborhoods top the list for their access to great schools, large lots for homes, and friendly people.

8. Granite Bay Has A Golf Club:

granite bay
Photo courtesy of Granite Bay Golf Club

Love to golf? If you need that tee time in your life, you'll appreciate the local golf club, with an 18-hole golf course and driving range, complete with junior's programs, dining options and an athletic facility.

And, this golf course is not only a local favorite, but it's been voted the best in the Sacramento area!

9. Granite Bay Has Job Options:

Gotta work? Granite Bay has you covered. With plenty of options in the healthcare, technical services, education and manufacturing industries (and much more), you'll join a community of well-educated, hard-working people. Good news, too, the job market is growing in the area, thanks to growth and added businesses.

Curious what your neighbors make? The average annual income in the area is around $120,000. The average commute is around 20 minutes, which makes sense, since Sacramento is just 30 minutes away.

10. Granite Bay is Safer:

While nowhere is perfectly safe and you always want to take precautions to protect your home and family, Granite Bay does rank as safer than many California cities.

According to

  • Granite Bay violent crime is 13.9. (The US average is 22.7)

  • Granite Bay property crime is 26.1. (The US average is 35.4)

I think everyone would prefer to live in a safer area, so this is another point towards quality of life in Granite Bay.


What do you think? Have you been to Granite Bay? If you're looking for your new home town, Granite Bay might be the perfect fit for you.

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